Correction of an ingrown nail with Arkada Method treatment

The Arkada Method of approaching and treating an ingrowing toenail is a gentle, easy and long-lasting way to fix the issue. It is a non-invasive method practiced worldwide and has grown in popularity following quick international development and effectiveness in treating ingrown toenails and curling nails.

First ask yourself if you have any symptoms of an ingrowing toenail - this could be a feeling of pressure in the cuticle, a sharp pain when walking, a throbbing sensation, and even redness due to inflammation of the area. Nail correction is not performed on a thickened nail that has become detached from the nail bed or is already damaged. See the results in the image gallery below.

The Arkada Method treats ingrown toenails in four stages:

  1. The ingrown nail is given a specially prepared antibacterial serum for use in the morning and evening for one week. This is to soften the nail before treatment begins.
  2. The nail is then corrected by our specialists with Arkada Method instruments for nail manipulation.
  3. An acrylic layer is placed on top of the damaged nail for approximately 2 months, which ensures and maintains the correct shape of the nail.
  4. The acrylic layer is then removed after 2 months and the need for aftercare will be assessed.

If you notice something a problem with your toenails, prolonging booking an appointment is not worth the pain the wait will cause as ingrowing toenails or curly nails will not repair themselves. If you put it off, the issue can deteriorate, and in some cases the entire nail must be completely removed. This is a much more intrusive way of fixing an ingrowing toenail, and nail removal is typically done by a surgeon.


When addressing ingrown nails early and with the Arkada Method, 95% of nail straightening treatments do not require further treatment. The effectiveness of this method makes treatment a convenient, easy, and inexpensive way to correct the problem of an ingrown nail. Compared to other spring and wire methods, Arkada Method is a faster procedure and requires fewer follow-up treatments and control visits.

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