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Fungal Nails

Fungal nail infection is also known as ONYCHOMYKOSIS (which is the same fungal infection as Athletes Foot), which has become established under the toe nail.

This embarrassing and unsightly problem facing millions of people is difficult to treat with topical applications, however many treatments do work if care is taken and the correct protocols are followed.

With Fungal Nail Infections, the nails can become:

  • Brittle
  • Crumbly
  • Distorted in shape or separated from the nail bed
  • White, yellow, brown and even green in colour

Fungal Nail Test

Where a Fungal Nail Infection is suspected, we recommend a Fungal Nail Test before any treatment is undertaken to confirm the presence of an infection.

This is done by the Podiatrist who will take nail samples and provide you with results while you wait (there is a cost associated with the test, but it may rule out an infection).

If Fungal Nail Infection is confirmed we will then discuss which of the following treatments will be the most appropriate for your particular condition and circumstance.

After treatment, care must always be taken because re-infection is always a possibility, especially if you are prone to athletes foot type infections.


At Walkwel we recommend the following off the shelf products:

Topical applications: Abicin; Excilor; and Emtrix.

For dry brittle nails: Klarasan nail oil.

Anti-fungals: Lamisil spray; Lamisil cream.

Before and after treatment


All the treatments detailed below require home application of anti-fungal products by the patient together with strict anti re-infection measures including the use of shoe sterilising products, such as Shoe Fresh; increasing the washing temperature for socks and hosiery; and the use of 100% cotton socks.

  • Clearanail

This is a painless procedure.

Firstly the Podiatrist prepares your nails before drilling small holes with a specially designed Clearanail drill into the affected areas of the nail. These holes are approximately 0.44mm in diameter.

These holes will allow antifungal medication to effectively penetrate the nail and reach the fungal infection.

You may need a couple of treatments depending on the severity of the infection and the number of nails infected, and you will be advised on which anti-fungal medications to use and the necessary protocols to follow.

  • Lunula lasers

Erchonia Low Level Laser is a proven cold low level laser therapy that kills the nail fungus with no pain and side effects and allows clear healthy nails to re-grow.

  • Dual Approach

A combination of the two treatments outlined above is also an option and speeds up the process.

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